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2015 Q&A on FDI in Korea

2015 Q&A on FDI in Korea
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KOTRA (대한무역투자진흥공사) 투자종합상담실
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KOTRA (대한무역투자진흥공사)
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KOTRA자료; 15-040
Table Of Contents 

I. Foreign Investment - Definition and Procedure
- Definition -
1. Contribution to a Non-Profit Corporation
2. Amendment of the Commercial Act and the Minimum Foreign Investment Amount
3. Establishment of a Foreign-Invested Company by a Foreign Investment Association (Fund)
4. Investment by a Chinese National Permanently Residing in Korea
5. investment Through a Holding Company (Paper Company)
6. Foreigner's Investment in Mutual Fund
7. Foreign Investment in a Project Financing Vehicle
8. Foreigners' Ownership of Depository Receipt
9. Recognition as Foreign Investment When the Foreign Investment Ratio Falls Short
10. Acquisition of Preferred Stocks and Calculation of Foreign Investment Ratio
11. A Non-Resident Foreign Company's Establishment of a Domestic Branch
12. Recognition of Exercise of Preemptive Rights as Foreign Investment
- Object of Investment -
13. Investment of Profit From Portfolio Investment
14. Investment of Funds Sourced From a Korean Bank Located Overseas
15. Investment With a Promissory note or Letter of Credit
16. Investment in-Kind With Used Capital Goods
17. Scope of Capital Goods
18. Investment in-Kind with Patents
19. Recognition of Computer Program Work as Foreign Investment
20. Industrial Property Evaluation Agencies
21. Investment-in-Kind With Domestic Real Estate
22. Investment-in-Kind With Loan Bonds
23. Conversion of Borrowings to Capital
24. Debt-Equity Swap by Set-Off
- Long-Term Loans -
25. Calculation of Long-Term Loan Period
26. Prepayment of Long-term Loans With a Maturity of Five Years or Longer
27. Recognition of Loan Contract Extended to Five Years or Longer as Foreign Investment
28. Introduction of a Long-term Loan with Maturity of Five years or Longer From a Joing-Invested Overseas Company
29. Transfer of Loan Receivables to a Third Person
30. Long-Term Loans With Maturity of Five Years or Longer Funded by Domestic Borrowing
- Investment Procedure -
31. remittance of Investment Funds
32. Overseas Remittance by a Third-Party Person
33. Cost of Establishing a Stock Company
34. Registration of a Foreign-Invested Company
35. Partial Registration of a Foreign-Invested Company
36. Administrative Procedure for Merging a Domestic Company With a Foreign-invested Company
37. Foreign Investment and Notification of Business Combination
38. Investment-in-Kind of a Foreign-Invested Company's Shares
- Recovery of Investment Funds and Reinvestment -
39. Guarantee of Foreign Investors' Overseas Remittance
40. Foreign Investors' Sales of Stocks Through Off-Exchange Transaction
41. Receipt of Proceeds From the Sale of Stocks in KRW Currency
42. Cancellation of Registration of Foreign-Invested Company due to Stock Transfer or Capital Reduction
43. Recognition of Foreign Investment After Transfer of Shares or Capital Reduction
44. Re-Investment of KRW Currency Funds Received Through Capital Decrease for Value
45. Re-Investment of a Foreign-Invested Company's Residual Liquidated Assets
46. Sourcing a Capital Increase for Value with Dividends
47. A Foreign-Invested Company's Re-investment of Earned Surplus
- Businesses Restricted from Foreign Investment -
48. Permission of Foreigners to Operate a Housing Site Development and Supply Business
49. Operation of a Massage Business
50. Foreigners' Operation of a Foreign Patient Attraction Business
51. Foreigners' Investment in an Educational Institute for the Purpose of Making Profit
52. Permission of Foreign Investment in the Automotive Financing Business
53. A Foreign-Invested Company's' Acquisition of Stocks of a Meat Wholesale Company

II. Incentives for Foreign Investment
- General -
54. Permission of Foreign-invested Companies' Short-term Foreign Borrowings
55. Upper Limit on Foreign-invested Companies' Payment of Dividends With Stocks
56. Incentives for Establishing a Foreign School
57. Tax Incentives for Small and Medium-Sized Start-Ups
58. Round-Trip Investment by a Foreigner
59. Tax Incentives for Korean Companies That Withdraw From Overseas Markets and Relocate to Korea (i.e. "U-Turn companies")
60. Tax Incentives for Foreign Engineers
61. Tax Reduction/ Exemption for a Korean Company Owning High Technology
62. Reduction or Exemption of Registration and License Tax for Registering Capital Increase
63. Initial Date in Reckoning the Period of Tax Reduction or Exemption for Captial Increase
64. Initial Date in Reckoning the Period of Tax Reduction and Exemption Where Interest Income is Accrued Before Business Commencement
65. Effectiveness of Decision to Grant Tax Reduction When the Foreign Investor is Changed
66. Tax Reduction or Exemption When Business is Partially Transferred to a Domestic Company
67. Period for Which Customs Duties for Capital Goods are Exempted
- Foreign Investment Zones -
68. Installment of New Business Facilities to Qualify for Designation as a Foreign Investment Zone
69. Requirements for a Domestic Company to Move Into a Foreign Investment Zone
70. Businesses Eligible to Move Into a Complex- Type Foreign Investment Zone
71. Upper Limit on the Size of Land that can be Leased in Complex-type Foreign-Investment Zones
- Free Economics Zones -
72. Service Businesses Eligible for Tax Reduction/Exemption in a free Economic Zone
73. Designation of a Stand-Alone Type Foreign Investment Zone Within a Free Economic Zone
74. Conditions for Opening a Foreigner-Only Casino in a Free Economic Zone
75. Establishment of a Foreign educational Facility Within a Free Economic Zone
76. Establishment of a Medical Institution Within a Free Economic Zone
77. Establishment of a Foreign Medical Institution in Jeju Special Self-Governing Province

III. Management of Foreign Invested Companies
- Labor -
78. Social Insurance
79. Statutory Working Hours
80. Extended Work Wages
81. Minimum Wage
82. Retirement Allowance
83. Statutory Holidays
84. Annaual Leave with Pay
85. Rules of Employment
86. Labor-Management Council
87. Fixed-Term Workers
88. Dispatched Workers
89. Substitue Holidays
90. Maternity Leave
91. Probationary Period
92. Compensatory Leave System
- Acquisition of Land -
93. Points to Check When Acquiring Land in Korea
94. Foreigners' Real Estate Acquisition Procedure
95. Foreigners' Notification of Land Acquisition
96. Land Acquisition Notification by a Domestic Branch of a Foreign Corporation
97. Land Acquisition Notification by a Company Where No Less Than Half of Its Executives Are Foreign Nationals
98. Real Estate Acquisition by a Domestic Corporation Where No Less Than 50 Percent of Its Shares is Held by Foreigners
99. Foreigner's Land Division
- Taxation & Accounting -
100. External Audit Requirement
101. Taxation for a Private Business vs. Corporation
102. Payment of Value Added Tax for Entrepreneurs with Two or More Business
103. Value-Added Tax Refund
104. Value_added Tax for Imported Goods
105. Tax on Import of Liquor
106. insufficient Capital Tax System

IV. Settlement
107. Alient Registration
108. Change in Status of Sojourn
109. Extension of Period of Sojourn
110. Foreigners' Obligation to Enroll in National Health insurance
111. Foreigners' registration of Seal Imprint
112. Drivers' Lincense
113. Changes in Alien Registration Matters That Require Notification
114. Notification of Change of Sojourn Place
115. Child and Infant Welfare
116. Medical Care Subsidies for Pregnancy and Childbirth
117. Returning the Alien Registration Card
118. Foreigners' Filing of Income Tax Return
119. Lost or Stolen Cellphone
120. Emergency Medical Call
121. Issuance of a Korean Creidit Card
122. Korean Language Classes
123. Foreigner's Subscription to Mobile Phone Service
124. Foreign Investors' Application for Permanent Residence
125. Confirmation of Foreign Public Documents When Filing for Registration of Incorporation of Foreign-Invested Company
126. Fast-Track Immigration Service for Foreign Investors
K II/B-111/II-fe WHA(E) 15, 160 p. ;
외국인투자 - 한국
투자환경 - 한국
외국인직접투자 (FDI) - 한국
외국인투자제도 - 한국
외국인직접투자제도 - 한국
투자절차 - 한국
외국인생활 - 한국
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