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2021/22 KSP Policy Consultation Report Vietnam (디지털자료) :Investing into Logistics Statement in Can Tho City

2021/22 KSP Policy Consultation Report Vietnam (디지털자료) :Investing into Logistics Statement in Can Tho City
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KOTRA (대한무역투자진흥공사) 개발협력실
Issue Date 
Ministry of Strategy and Finance of Korea, KOTRA (대한무역투자진흥공사)
Series/Report No. 
KOTRA자료; 22-229
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Table Of Contents 
Chapter 1 Introduction
1. Background and Purpose of the Project
1.1. Background of the Project
1.2. Purpose of the Project
2. Scope of Project and Expected Effects
2.1. Scope of the Project
2.2. Expected Effects
3. Project Implementation System and Direction
3.1. Project Implementation System
3.2. Direction of Project Implementation

Chapter 2 Analysis of the Current Status of Can Tho City and the Mekong Delta Region
1. Analysis of the Basic Current Status of Vietnam
1.1. Current Status of Vietnam’s Economic Indicators
1.2. Current Status of Vietnam’s Industrial Structure
2. Analysis of the Industry and Social Environment in Can Tho City and the Mekong Delta Region
2.1. Geography and Population
2.2. Economic Indicators
2.3. Industrial Structure
3. Analysis of the Current Status of Logistics Industry and Infrastructure/System in Can Tho City and the Mekong Delta Region
3.1. Road Infrastructure
3.2. Railroad Infrastructure
3.3. Ports and Inland Waterways
3.4. Aviation Infrastructure·
3.5. Logistics Facility
4. Activation of Logistics and the Analysis of Current Status of Policies in Can Tho City and the Mekong Delta Region
4.1. Analysis of the Logistics Process
4.2. Logistics Law and System
4.3. Diagnosis of the Current Status and Derivation of Implications

Chapter 3 Analysis of Korea’s Development Experience and Overseas Cases
1. Development experience and opinions of Korean companies that entered Vietnam
1.1. CJ Logistics and Logos
1.2. Lotte Global Logistics
2. Analysis of the APC Logistics Center in Korea
2.1. Concepts and the Basic Current Status
2.2. Facilities and Systems
3. Case Analysis of Belgian APC Center
3.1. Concepts and Basic Facts
3.2. Facilities and Systems
3.3. Support System and Policy
4. Implications for the introduction of Can Tho City
4.1. Technical Implications
4.2. Policy Implications

Chapter 4 Strategies for the Development and Operation of Logistics Centers in Can Tho City and Mekong Delta Region
1. Overview of Can Tho’s Second-class Logistics Center
1.1. Location and Area of Logistics Center
1.2. Location Conditions of Logistics Center
2. Creating Promotion Strategies for Can Tho Agricultural Products Processing Center
2.1. AHP Analysis
2.2. Vision and Goals of Promoting Can Tho Agricultural Products Processing Center
2.3. Establishment of Roadmap for Promotion of Agricultural Products Logistics Center
2.4. Deriving Detailed Strategies
3. Plan for Connecting the Airport and Port to Can Tho Agricultural Products Processing Center
3.1. Can Tho International Airport Linkage Plan
3.2. Cai Cui Port Connection Plan

Chapter 5 Can Tho APC Promotion Plan
1. Detailed Promotion Strategies for Can Tho APC
1.1. Vietnamese Fruit Market
1.2. Estimation of Can Tho’s Fruit Market Status and Cargo Volume
2. Proposal for Direction of Advancement and Development of Can Tho APC
2.1. Efficiency of Can Tho APC Warehouse Work Through System Support
2.2. Efficiency Improvement by Upgrading Can Tho APC Transportation System
2.3. Proposal for Can Tho APC Integrated Logistics Control System
3. Division of Roles for Each Institution for Promoting Can Tho APC

Chapter 6 Investment Support Cases and Step-by-Step Direction for Investment Attraction
1. Standards for APC Government Support in Korea
2. APC Investment Cases in Korea
2.1. Jinyoung Agricultural Cooperative APC Project in Gimhae City
2.2. Total project cost calculation (excluding land cost)
3. Review of Investment Attraction Plan by Stages
3.1. Define Step-by-step Activities for Investment Attraction
3.2. Action Task
3.3. Detailed Activities for Attracting Companies (example)
3.4. Can Tho APC-related Alliance and Investment Company Proposal

Chapter 7 Financial Procurement Plan for Project Promotion
1. Securing Finances for WB Project Promotion
1.1. World Bank (WB) Financial Composition
1.2. World Bank (WB) Loan Project Implementation Procedure
2. Securing Finances for ADB Project Promotion
2.1. Financial Structure
2.2. Type of Loan
2.3. Project Execution Procedure
2.4. Consulting Services Loan Project
3. Securing Finances for EDCF Project Promotion
3.1. EDCF Project and Application Conditions
3.2. Considerations When Discovering Support Target Projects
3.3. How to Apply and How to Apply
3.4. Review Procedure and Major Considerations
3.5. MDB Cooperative Loan and Support Between Government Departments and Institutions
4. Securing Financial Resources by Utilizing Private Financial Resources
4.1. Global Infrastructure Market Status
4.2. How to Use Private Investment Funds
4.3. Government supported Plan for Revitalization of PPP Business

Chapter 8 Conclusion

K II/B-121/II-fa KS(E) 21/22, PDF자료 (194 p.) ;
개발원조 - 베트남
경제협력 - 한국/베트남
물류 - 베트남
경제개발경험 공유사업 - Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP)
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