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2020/21 KSP Policy Consultation Report Brazil :Strategy Planning for Smart, Humane, and Sustainable Smart City in Niterói, Brazil

2020/21 KSP Policy Consultation Report Brazil :Strategy Planning for Smart, Humane, and Sustainable Smart City in Niterói, Brazil
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KOTRA (대한무역투자진흥공사) 개발협력실
Issue Date 
기획재정부, KOTRA (대한무역투자진흥공사)
Series/Report No. 
KOTRA자료; 22-034
Table Of Contents 
Chapter 1. Introduction
1. Project Background and Objective
2. Project Scope
3. Expected Effect

Chapter 2. Status Analysis
1. Niterói Status
1.1. Niterói General Status
1.2. Urban Environments Analysis
1.3. Implications
2. Smart City Policy and Legal System Status
2.1. Overview
2.2. Status Analysis
3. Smart City Center and Application Status
3.1. Overview
3.2. IT General Status
3.3. Control Center Operation Status
3.4. Solution and Application Status
4. Voice of Customer Survey Results
4.1. Outlook of the Survey
4.2. Survey Results for General Public in Niterói
4.3. Survey Results for Public Officials in Niterói
4.4. Implications of the Survey

Chapter 3. Case Study
1. Smart City Concept and Trend
1.1. Smart City Concept
1.2. Smart City Component
1.3. Global Smart City Trend
2. Smart City Service and Governance Case Study
2.1. Domestic Smart City Service Case Study
2.2. Overseas Smart City Case Study
2.3. Smart City Governance Case Study
3. Case Study of Smart City Integrated Control Center
3.1. Domestic Integrated Control Center (Seoul, “Smart Seoul”)
3.2. Overseas Integrated Control Center (China Tianjin Ecology City)

Chapter4. Directional Suggestion
1. Establishment of Smart City Development Strategy
1.1. Overview of Development Strategies
1.2. Analysis Details
1.3. Development Direction
2. Establishment of Vision and Target Model
2.1. Smart City Vision
2.2. Target Model and Task of Smart City Service
2.3. Target Model and Task of Smart City Governance
2.4. Target Model and Task of Integrated Control Center

Chapter 5. Implementation Plan
1. Step-by-Step Implementation Plan
2. Financing Plan
2.1. Niterói Smart City Construction Project Feasibility Study and Demonstration Business Stage
2.2. Project Stage
2.3. Project Feasibility Study Promotion Plan
2.4. Project Concept Paper Support
K II/B-431/II-fa KS 20/21, 267 p. ;
개발원조 - 브라질
경제협력 - 한국/브라질
도시개발 - 브라질
경제개발경험 공유사업 - Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP)
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