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2020/21 KSP Policy Consultation Report Cuba :Exchange of Experiences in Sustainable Agricultural Development

2020/21 KSP Policy Consultation Report Cuba :Exchange of Experiences in Sustainable Agricultural Development
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KOTRA (대한무역투자진흥공사) 개발협력실
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기획재정부, KOTRA (대한무역투자진흥공사)
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KOTRA자료; 22-030
Table Of Contents 
Chapter 1. Introduction
1. Background and Purpose
2. Project Direction
2.1. Policy Advisory Direction in Agricultural Production Sector

Chapter 2. Agriculture in Cuba
1. National Context
1.1. Cuba’s Economic Environment
1.2. Status of Official Development Assistance (ODA)
2. Agricultural Status
2.1. Land Distribution
2.2. Production system
2.3. Agricultural production
2.4. Soils
2.5. Government efforts for agricultural development
2.6. Regulatory Framework, Programs, and Strategies that Support Food Production in Cuba

Chapter 3. Challenges of Cuban Agriculture
1. Agricultural Mechanization
1.1. Current Situation of Agriculture Mechanization in Cuba
2. Irrigation and Drainage
2.1. Current Situation of Irrigation and Drainage in Cuba
3. Agricultural Technology
3.1. Current Situation of Agriculture with High Technologies in Cuba

Chapter 4. The Case of Korea Agricultural Policy
1. Cases of Agricultural Mechanization Policy
1.1. Policy goals and major strategies by era
1.2. Fund Size Trend of Agricultural Machinery Policy·
1.3. Agricultural duty-free oil support
1.4. Local government support
1.5. Related system and operation
1.6. Organizations Related to Agricultural Mechanization and Their Main Duties
1.7. Changes in Organizations Using Major Agricultural Machines
1.8. Agricultural Machinery After-sales Service System
1.9. Test and Evaluation of Agricultural Machinery
1.10. Major Policy Examples by Period
2. Cases of Korean Agricultural Water Development and Management Policy
2.1. Policy Goals and Strategies
2.2. Budget Investment
2.3. Operation and Management Systems
2.4. Major Policy Cases
3. Cases of Agricultural R&D Policy in Korea
3.1. Objectives and Strategies for Agricultural R&D Policy
3.2. Changes in Agricultural R&D Budget
3.3. Operation and Management System for Agricultural R&D
3.4. Major Policy Cases

Chapter 5. Pilot Model of Sustainable Agricultural Development for Cuba
1. Overview of the Pilot Project
2. Project Site Status
2.1. The Municipality of Alquizar
2.2. Environmental conditions
2.3. Soils
2.4. Agricultural production
2.5. Agricultural Irrigation System
2.6. Agricultural Machinery
3. Pilot Model of Sustainable Agricultural Development for Cuba
3.1. Short-Term Pilot Model: Idle agricultural machinery support
3.2. Long-Term Pilot Model
4. Policy Recommendations for Sustainable Development in Cuba

K II/B-341/II-fa KS 20/21, 156 p. ;
개발원조 - 쿠바
경제협력 - 한국/쿠바
농업 - 쿠바
농업정책 - 쿠바
경제개발경험 공유사업 - Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP)
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