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2020 K-V Economic Cooperation Project : Advancing Energy Safety Management. v.2 /

2020 K-V Economic Cooperation Project : Advancing Energy Safety Management. v.2 /
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KOTRA (대한무역투자진흥공사) 개발협력실
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기획재정부, KOTRA (대한무역투자진흥공사)
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KOTRA자료; 21-144
Table Of Contents 
Chapter 1. Introduction
1. Background and Purpose
1.1. Background and Purpose
1.2. Progress
2. Implications and Expected Effects of the Study
2.1. Main Details and Implications
2.2. Expected Effects

Chapter 2. Body
3. Current Status and Analysis of Korea’s Gas Safety Management
3.1. Background and Progress of Three Gas Laws
3.2. Introduction of City Gas and Establishment of a Safety Management System in Korea
3.3. Current Status of Natural Gas Industry in Korea
3.4. Gas Laws and Regulations in Korea
3.5. Analysis on the Current Status of Natural Gas Safety Management System in Korea
4. Current Status and Analysis of Electric Safety Management System in Korea
4.1. Current Status of Enactment of the Electrical Safety Act
4.2. Electrical Safety Management Legal System in Korea
4.3. Classification and Safety Standards of Electrical Facilities
4.4. Electrical Safety Management Agency
4.5. Electrical Facility Inspection and Checkup System
4.6. Maintenance of Electrical Facilities
4.7. Special Safety Inspection and Investigation into Electrical Accidents
4.8. Penalty for Violation of Electrical Safety Control
5. Energy Safety Control System in Vietnam
5.1. Status and Analysis of Laws and the Administrative System
5.2. Status and Analysis of the Natural Gas Industry
5.3. Analysis on Natural Gas Safety Control
5.4. Power Industry: Status and Analysis
5.5. Status of Electrical Safety Control
6. Policy Suggestions
6.1. Gas Safety Management Policy Proposal
6.2. Electric Safety Management Policy Proposal

Chapter 3. Conclusions
1. Gas Safety Control (Future)
1.1. Gas Safety Control Law System
1.2. Establishment of Gas Safety Control Organization
1.3. Fostering Gas Safety Professionals
1.4. Establishment of Comprehensive Gas Safety Plan
2. Electrical Safety Management Field
2.1. Establishment and Strengthening of Electrical Safety Control Law
2.2. Electrical Facility Safety Control (Inspection, Investigation, etc.) System
2.3. Fostering Experts in Electrical Safety Control
2.4. Establishment of an electrical safety management organization
3. Suggestions for Future Cooperation between Korea and Vietnam
3.1. Cooperation Measures for Gas Safety Management
3.2. Cooperation Measures for Electrical Safety Management

Appendix 1. KGS CODE List
Appendix 2. Subjects of Korean Gas Law Management
Appendix 3. List of Electrical Safety Guidelines (KESG)
Appendix 4. Detailed implementation plan for the requirements of the Vietnamese government

K II/B-121/II-fa KS 20, 252 p. ;
개발원조 - 베트남
경제협력 - 한국/베트남
에너지 - 전기 - 가스 - 베트남 - 한국
안전관리규정 - 전기 - 가스 - 베트남 - 한국
경제개발경험 공유사업 - Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP)
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