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Trademark Guidebook of the Philippines

Trademark Guidebook of the Philippines
Corporate Author 
KOTRA (대한무역투자진흥공사) 해외지재권실
Corporate Author 
마닐라 무역관 IP-DESK
Issue Date 
KOTRA (대한무역투자진흥공사)
Series/Report No. 
KOTRA자료; 20-230
Table Of Contents 
Chapter Ⅰ. Introduction
Section 1. What is Intellectual Property?
Section 2. Brief History of Philippine Trademark Law
Section 3. What is a Trademark?
Section 4. What is Goodwill?
Section 5. Why should l get a Trademark in the Philippines?
Section 6. How Marks are Acquired?
Section 7. Marks must be visible
Section 8. Marks must be Distinctiveness
Section 9. What marks cannot be registered?
Section 10. When Trademark’s exclusive right is created?
Section 11. Term of Protection

Chapter Ⅱ. Philippines’ Trademark principle
Section 1. Principle of first to file rule
Section 2. International treaties that Philippines joined

Chapter Ⅲ. Application for Trademark Registration
Section 1. Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines
Section 2. Pre-filing of Trademark
Section 3. Application of Trademark
Section 4. Additional Requirements for Trademark Registration
Section 5. Examination (Office Action)
Section 6. Trademark Publication (Opposition)
Section 7. Post-filing
Section 8. IPOPHL’s Trademark application and registration statistics

Chapter Ⅳ. Utilization of Trademark
Section 1. Licensing, franchising, sale, rent
Section 2. Procedure

Chapter Ⅴ. Countermeasure to Trademark Infringement
Section 1. What is Trademark Infringement?
Section 2. How to respond to trademark infringement
Section 3. Countermeasures of Trademark infringement case
Section 4. IPOPHL’s mediation
Section 5. Criminal sanction

Chapter Ⅵ. Trademark Infringement cases

Chapter Ⅶ. Trademark related Government office and organization

Chapter Ⅷ. Frequent FAQ
K V/B-125/IV-i JNG , 116 p. ;
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상표 - 필리핀
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