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2016/17 Knowledge Sharing Program (Industry&Trade) with Iran 2 :Securing the Means for the Development of the Iranian ICT R&D Center. v.12 /

2016/17 Knowledge Sharing Program (Industry&Trade) with Iran 2 :Securing the Means for the Development of the Iranian ICT R&D Center. v.12 /
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KOTRA (대한무역투자진흥공사) Development Corporation Office
Issue Date 
Ministry of Strategy and Finance of Korea, KOTRA (대한무역투자진흥공사)
Series/Report No. 
KOTRA자료; 18-021
Table Of Contents 
Background and Progress of 2016/17 KSP (Industry/Trade) (Iran 2)
Implications and Expected Effects of the 2016/17 KSP Industry/Trade (Iran 2)

Chapter 1. Iran's ICT Policies and ICT Industry
1. Introduction of Iran
2. ICT Policies and Industry of Iran
2.1. ICT Policies of Iran
2.2. Iran's ICT Development Plans
2.3. Iran's ICT Industry
3. Korea's ICT Policies
3.1. Cyber Korea 21 (1999~2001)
3.2. e_Korea (2002~2006)
3.3. u_Korea (2006~2010)
3.4. K_ICT (2015~2020)
4. Implications and Recommendations

Chapter 2. Suggestions for the Development of Iran's ICT Research Institutes
1. National Vision and Science and Technology Development Strategies of Iran
1.1. An Overview of Iran's Science and Technology Policies
1.2. Science and Technology Governance of Iran
1.3. Iran's R&D Investments
1.4. Techno Park and Company Support System
1.5. Iran's ICT_devoted Research Institute (ITRC)
2. Korea's National R&D Strategies
2.1. Korea's National R&D Policies and Implementation Systems
2.2. Development process of national R&D programs
2.3. Current Status of R&D Investments
3. A Case Study on the Activities of Korea's ICT Research Institute (ETRI)
3.1. Establishment of Government-funded Research Institute (ETRI)
3.2. Organizational Operation
3.3. Representative Research Achievements
3.4. Economic Impact
4. Implications and Suggestions
4.1. Korea's Innovative Growth Model
4.2. Suggestions for Iran's ICT Development

Chapter 3 Proposals for the Expansion of Technology Commercialization in Iran
1. ICT Technology Commercialization
1.1. The Concept of Technology Commercialization
1.2. Trends of Technology Commercialization Policies
1.3. Technology Commercialization Strategies
1.4. Technology Commercialization Support Programs
1.5. Technology Commercialization Ecosystem
2. Current Status of ETRI Technology Commercialization Support
2.1. The Establishment and Operation of ETRI's Technology Commercialization System
2.2. Technology Commercialization Platform
3. Surveys on Current Status to Promote Korea-Iran ICT Technology Commercialization
4. Recommendations
K II/B-00/II-fa KS , 179 p. ;
개발원조 - 이란
정보통신산업 - 이란
외국인투자 - 이란
외국인투자유치 - 이란
산업정책 - 정보통신산업 - 이란 - 한국
ICT산업 - 이란
기술사업화 - 이란
경제개발경험 공유사업 - Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP)
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