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2016/17 Knowledge Sharing Program (Industry & Trade) with Russia RUSSEZ :Consulting for the Development of Russian Special Economic Zones (RUSSEZ). v.2 /

2016/17 Knowledge Sharing Program (Industry & Trade) with Russia RUSSEZ :Consulting for the Development of Russian Special Economic Zones (RUSSEZ). v.2 /
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KOTRA (대한무역투자진흥공사) Development Corporation Office
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Ministry of Strategy and Finance of Korea, KOTRA (대한무역투자진흥공사)
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KOTRA자료; 18-011
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2016/17 KSP RUSSEZ
Executive Summary

Chapter 1. Sharing Korea's experience for sustainable development, operation and competitiveness of the Russian SEZ
1. Free Economic Zone in Korea
1.1 Background of Free Economic Zone Promotion and Designation Status
1.2. Free Economic Zone Business Promotion System
1.3. Preferential system of Free Economic Zone
1.4. Living Condition in FEZs
2. Korea's SEZ Area Selection and Procedure
2.1. Designation procedure
2.2. Designation Requirements
2.3. Status of selection process for Russian special economic zones and policy proposal 32
3. Ways to Set Up SEZ Management Companies and Make Profits
3.1. Organization and budget of Korea Free Economic Zone Authority
3.2. Present status of operating company in SEZ and policy recommendations
4. Free Economic Zone Performance Evaluation
4.1. Performance evaluation procedures and key indicators of the Korea Free Economic Zone
4.2. Performance evaluation status of the Russian Special Economic Zones and policy

Chapter 2. Regional Development for Job Creation and Business Development
1. Significance of Russian Special Economic Zone Policy for Regional Development
1.1. Background of Russian Special Economic Zone Policy
1.2. Status and Performance of Special Economic Zone in Russia
2. Employment Policies on Special Economic Zones in Russia
2.1. Overall Assessment
2.2. Incentive Structure of Employment Policy
3. Regional Clusters to Attract Business and Create Employment
3.1. Status and Direction of Special Economic Zone Policy
3.2. A Model of Regional Cluster
3.3. Policy Recommendation: Strengthening RUSSEZ function for regional cluster formation
4. Conclusion

Chapter 3. Strategies and Policies to attract Foreign Direct investments in RUSSEZ
1. Introduction
1.1. overview
1.2. General Situation of FDI in Russia
2. Analysis of Russia’s Policies of attracting FDIs in SEZs
2.1. Current Situation and Policies of Attracting FDIs in Russia
3. Analysis of Korea’s Policies of attracting FDIs in SEZs
3.1. Current Situation of Attracting FDIs in Korea SEZ
3.2. Factors of attracting FDIs in SEZ
3.3. Appropriateness of Incentive System for attracting FDIs
3.4. Analysis of Korea’s Experiences of attracting FDIs
4. Policy Recommendation to increase FDIs in RUSSEZ
4.1. Reform of Foreign Investment Environment
4.2. Measures to increase FDIs in RUSSEZ
Annex <Examples of questionnaires to residential foreign firms in IFEZ>
K II/B-00/II-fa KS , 163 p. ;
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경제개발경험 공유사업 - Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP)
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