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Industrial Sites in Korea 2021

Industrial Sites in Korea 2021
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KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) 종합행정지원센터 투자종합상담실
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KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency)
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KOTRA자료; 21-130
Table Of Contents 
I. Summary of the Guide
1. The Selection of Sites
A. Objective of selecting sites
B. Factors Determining the Location of an Enterprise
C. Location Decisions by Foreign-invested Companies
2. Understanding of Industrial Sites
A. The Concept of Industrial Sites
B. Types of Industrial Locations
C. Total Quantity Control System about Factories

II. Sites Classified Based on Purpose
1. Industrial Complexes
A. Industrial Complexes (National, General, Urban High-tech, and Agricultural and Industrial Complexes)
B. Lease-type Industrial Complexes
2. Priority Regions for Foreign Investment Inducement
A. Foreign Investment Zones
B. Lease Complexes for Foreign-capital Invested Companies Only
C. Free Economic Zones
D. Free Trade Zones
3. Priority Regions for Foreign Investment Inducement
A. Saemangeum
B. Enterprise Cities
C. Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
4. R&D, Technology, Industrial Cluster Areas
A. Special Research and Development Zone
B. International Science and Business Belt
C. High-Tech Medical Complexes
D. Specialized Complexes for Ppuri (Root) Industries
E. Logistics Complex
F. Environmental Industry Research Complexes
G. Technoparks
H. Venture Business Development and Promotion Zones
I. Areas for Clustering New Technology-based Businesses
J. Small Urban Manufacturers’ Clusters
5. Balanced National Development Complexes
A. National Innovation Clusters
B. Innovation Cities
C. Sejong City (Multi-functional Administrative City)
6. Regulatory Innovation Zones
A. Regulation-free Special Zone
B. Special Economic Zones for Specialized Regional Development

III. Location-related Reference Data
1. Development Plans by City and Province
A. Industry Development and Site Supply Directions by City and Province
B. Development Directions by City and Province (Summerized for industrial sectors)
2. Industrial Sites by City and Province
3. Support Systems for Reshoring Enterprises
A. Selection Requirements for Reshoring Enterprises
B. Follow-up Management
C. Summary of Incentives
4. Systems for Industrial Stabilization
A. Special Area for Responding to Industrial Crisis
B. Employment Crisis Area
K V/B-111/IV-e EN(E) 21, 278 p. ;
산업입지 - 한국
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