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Taxation in Korea 2021

Taxation in Korea 2021
Corporate Author 
KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) 투자종합상담실
Issue Date 
KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency)
Series/Report No. 
KOTRA자료; 21-128
Table Of Contents 
I. Tax in Korea
(1) National Tax
(2) Local Tax

II. Taxes for foreign-invested companies
1. Corporate tax
(1) Overview
(2) Tax adjustment
(3) Major deductions and reduction/exemptions
(4) Taxation under the Adjustment of International Taxes Act
2. Value Added Tax
(1) Overview
(2) Zero tax rate
(3) Tax exemption
(4) Tax invoice

III. Taxes for employees of a foreign-invested company
1. Wage & salary income tax
(1) Process
(2) Income deduction
(3) Tax rate
(4) Tax credit
(5) Special taxation for foreigners
2. Global income tax
(1) Type of income
(2) Tax rate
(3) Due date for filing

IV. Taxes for shareholders of foreign-invested companies
1. Tax on dividend income
(1) Local tax law
(2) Tax treaty
(3) Procedure for filing a return
2. Tax on stock transfer
(1) Tax on income from stock transfer
(2) Securities transaction tax

V. Taxes on incorporation, and acquisition and maintenance of assets
(1) Registration & license tax
(2) Acquisition tax
(3) Property tax
(4) Comprehensive real estate tax

VI. Other taxation schemes
1. Extension of due date and deferment of collection
(1) Extension of due date
(2) Deferment of collection
2. Request for correction, revised return, filing of return after the due date
(1) Request for correction
(2) Revised return
(3) Filing after the due date
3. Penalty tax
(1) Penalty tax for unfaithful returns
(2) Penalty tax for late or incorrect payment
(3) Penalty tax for non-payment or underpayment of withholding tax
4. Tax audit
(1) Selection of taxpayers subject to tax audit
(2) Deferment of tax audit
(3) Tax audit period
5. Interpretation of tax law
(1) Written inquiry
(2) Advance reply
6. Tax appeal and administrative suits
(1) Pre-assessment review
(2) Objection
(3) Request for examination or judgment
(4) Administrative litigation
7. Consulting on national tax
K II/B-111/III-cd GA(E) 21, 97 p. ;
조세제도 - 외국인회사 - 외국인 투자법인 - 한국
외국인투자 - 한국
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